Horse racing

Horse racing as the traditional sport in the UK

Horse racing is a sport with a long history. The driver races on different terrain types, with coordinated technical movements. Sports horse racing was born in the world nearly 3 thousand years ago and has been included in the European Olympic competition program since 1900.

In addition, there is a form of high horseback riding, long jump, or team competition of horse racing, relaying held many days with a distance of over 40 km.

The winner is determined by calculating the shortest time, less fouls (knocked down or not overcoming obstacles) with the highest total score in each competition content. International women’s horse racing also has the same competitive criteria as men’s.

In many countries, horse racing is organized according to its own rules: horse racing, horse racing, horse hunting, archery horse wedding, shooting.

Horse racing – A longstanding sport in the UK

Horse racing is thought to have been around in the UK for about 1,000 years, being the most traditional and aristocratic sport.

The racetrack is available throughout the UK and every day there are 2-3, even 10 races are held somewhere. It can be said that horse racing here is like an indispensable part when talking about British life and culture, especially in the countryside. The British regarded horse races as a solemn event. It shows through the way they dress.

Betting is not prohibited, on the contrary, is also a part of the tradition in every horse race. Everyone understands betting is just for fun, so most players only spend about 2-3 pounds for their favorite horse. The dealers also discourage players from placing a lot of bets.

In the past, horse racing was assumed to be a sport only for the upper class in British society. Today, racetracks all open extra doors, adding a separate space for those who do not want to be too picky in costumes. Thanks to that, horse racing became a warm, fun outdoor activity with many families and never old in the modern cultural life in England.