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Overcoming David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton became the richest athlete in the UK

Despite the invitation with extremely huge benefits if you move to the Ferrari racing team, Mercedes has recently officially announced Lewis Hamilton as one of the richest athletes in UK sports history.

Hamilton is one of the richest athletes in the UK

F1 superstar Hamilton is at the heart of the giant war of two big men, Mercedes and Ferrari, when Ferrari’s main driver, Sebastian Vettel, prepares to bid farewell to ‘Pride of the Italians’.

Mercedes is reportedly poised to increase its current deal with Hamilton from £ 40million to £ 60m to keep one of the most successful racers in modern history. But with 6 championship world, Hamilton said that he deserved a huge amount of up to 224 million pounds.

Hamilton is one of the richest athletes in the UK

David Beckham is the second richest athlete in the UK

In the UK sports’ list of the richest athletes, the Sunday Times Rich List just recently announced the 34-year-old racer lags in the first place. Hamilton’s huge fortune just increased by 37 million pounds last year thanks to his current contract with Mercedes and advertising contracts.

Behind Hamilton is former handsome player David Beckham with 200 million pounds. In this list, there are other notable stars such as golfer Rory McIlroy (£ 170 million) or boxer Anthony Joshua (£ 107 million).

Golfer Rory McIlroy is third in the list of richest athletes in the UK

Anthony Joshua brought in £ 18million after his defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr, before making a pre-tax stash of £ 60m in a rematch. With the money he has, Joshua rose to second place in the list of the richest young athletes in the world, behind only player Gareth Bale (£ 114 million). This list is open to all British under 30 or currently playing in the UK.

The remaining names on the list of the richest young athletes in the world are Paul Pogba (£ 50 million) or Kevin De Bruyne (£ 34 million).

Gareth Bale tops the list of young athletes making the most money

Pogba is one of five Manchester United players to play, including goalkeeper David De Gea (£ 34 million), Anthony Martial (£ 20 million), Luke Shaw (£ 19 million), and Odion Ighalo (£ 18 million). Some names also suddenly appeared on the list with Hamilton, typically two former Arsenal teammates Danny Welbeck and Jack Wilshere (£ 18 million).

Sports industry

What are the most popular sports in the UK besides football?

Here are the most popular sports in the UK besides football.


Tennis is a famous sport played by 2 people (singles) or two teams in which each team of 2 people (doubles). This sport originated in the field of tennis in England in the 19th century.

Based on the world rankings of the current Professional Tennis Association (ATP), the top 3 top players are from Europe. These are Novak Djokovic from Siberia, Roger Federer from Switzerland and Andy Murray from England.

The world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament is the Wimbledon.

The tournament takes place every year in London at All England Club, Wimbledon. The 2010 tennis match at the Wimbledon Championship was the longest with 11 hours and 5 minutes.

The most experienced player in the world is European – Croatian Ivo Karlovic, who is still not retired at 36.


Another popular sport in Europe is Golf and originated in the 15th century in Scotland. Today, in Europe, there are more than 300 million fans of the sport.

The most famous golf tournament is the Ryder Club tournament. The tournament takes place every two years between teams including top European golfers and the best golfers from the US.

Among professional sports, golf is the only sport where the player with the least score is the winner. Scotland, the birthplace of golf, is home to more than five hundred golf courses today.

Top European golfers include Rory Mcllory from Northern Ireland, Henrik Stenson from Sweden and Lee Westwood from England. In addition to the aforementioned sports, Europeans also love many other sports at both national and international levels such as rugby, hockey, volleyball and basketball.

Table tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a famous sport not only in Asia but also in Europe. The game consists of 2 or 4 players hitting the ball back and forth on the table. The International Table Tennis Federation organizes tournaments around the world.

The British father and son, Peter and Daniel Ives have set the world record for the longest pairing with a total time of 8 hours 40 minutes. Their names were recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

European countries honored with Olympics medals include Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and Yugoslavia. Besides, rofessional table tennis federations in Europe are government sponsored. Sweden is the only country in Europe and the only one in the world to eradicate Chinese table tennis dominance in the world.