The most famous tennis tournaments in the world nowadays (Part 2)

Australian Open

The tournament was first held in 1905 and was played at Melbourne’s Albert Cricket Ground in Melbourne. It is called the Australian Championship. In 1927, the tournament was called the Australian Championship and then the Australian Open Championship since 1969.

It is currently being held in Melbourne, where it was moved from Kooyong in 1988. The tournament has been held in many venues since 1905, namely Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Christchurch, and Hastings.

Due to the geographical remoteness, very few people attended the tournament when it was started. A train from the UK will take 45 days, making travel very cumbersome. Hence very few champions in the past have played the tournament.

It was only in 1946 when the first players to travel by air arrived to take part in the Davis Cup (An international tennis tournament for male players to compete in the national team run by the Tennis Federation. international rackets held every year).

The tournament is currently held at Melbourne Park and has a very good record, second only to the US Open. But geographically segregated, it was the least viewed tournament on television because of the huge timing difference.

There have been proposals to change Australia’s opening venue, but tournament managers in Melbourne have invested nearly $ 350 million to renovate and expand Melbourne Park, so the contract to host the tournament is pulled. long until 2026.

The Australian Open tennis tournament is hard

It was played on grass until 1988, after which they switched to a surface called Rebound Ace (A padded hardcourt tennis consisting of polyurethane rubber, fiberglass, and other materials on a plastic or concrete substrate.

In 2008, they turned to a surface called Plexicushion Prestige. The surface is somewhat similar to the hardcourt surface of the US Open.

Roland Garros

The tournament was first held in 1891 on a national scale. However, it is only open to members of the French tennis club. The tournament was open to French professionals only until 1924. In 1925, they began to accept amateurs from all over the world.

No tournaments were held in 1924. The French Open became the first tournament to be opened, it was accepted with the participation of amateurs and experts alike. This is in 1968.

The tournament is famous because it is played on clay, as it has been played for the past 80 years, thus keeping with traditions like the Wimbledon Championship. Clay provides a platform for healthy competition and a welcome shift for players with predominantly defensive games.


The most famous tennis tournaments in the world nowadays (Part 1)

Tennis has now become a highly competitive world-class sport attracting thousands of players and fans from all over the world.

There is a constant agenda of events and tournaments going on throughout the year. Top tennis stars have become the game icons for the new generation. Tennis is the game that used to be a pastime of royalties has become a widespread sport.

In the article below, let’s learn about the most famous tennis tournaments in the world nowadays!

The US Open

The US Open is considered the richest tournament in the world, with the largest prize money. The idea of ​​creating the American Tennis Championship unfolded when the American Tennis Association, founded in May 1881, was asked to carry out the national championship.

The US Open is considered the richest tournament in the world

The introductory competition, which took place in Newport Island, Rhode Island, had 26 players, and it was called the United States National Championship. To be eligible to play in the competition, a player must be a member of the National Grass Tennis Association of America. Richard Sears was the first winner of the championship, and he went on to be the reigning winner for the next six years.

Since the championship started moving across the country, with 9 event venues, it led to the men’s doubles event, divided into a West and East competition. W.F. Taylor and Clarence Clark won their first doubles title in 1900.

The establishment of the open era

The establishment of the open era in 1968. It meant that players could participate in all competitions. This led to the creation of a modern championship that we are familiar with today. Five different tournaments have been combined into a single US Open. It was held in New York, at the Forest Hills, Queens Tennis Club.

Five different tournaments have been combined into a single US Open

The bounty amount was $ 100,000, shared by 63 women and 96 men participating in the event. Additional gameplay system at the end of the game when two teams with the same score were first introduced by the US Open, in 1970. The tournament was moved to its current pitch, the US National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York, in 1978.


The history and development of tennis – the favorite sport in the UK (Part 2)

After gaining popularity with the French aristocracy, tennis began to spread throughout Europe, especially in Britain. Here too, the game was quickly adopted by the royal family, thus known as the sport of kings.

Tennis is not restricted to England and France, however, as it soon spread to Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain.

The development of tennis

In the 19th century, with the flourishing Victoria coming from England, the game was revived. Some notable statehouses have built-in soccer fields in their facilities along with the first appearance of the tennis club providing facilities for their members to perform.

Game enthusiasts have been trying to modify the game into an outdoor sport for a long time, eventually facilitating the introduction of vulcanized rubber. This makes it possible to produce balls soft enough not to damage the grass. But still, it retains the vibrancy and elasticity of the rubber.

One factor contributing to the game’s revival is the simplicity and ease of outdoor tennis. A flat grass surface is all that is required, and it soon becomes a popular feature for grass tennis courts. While Tennis was indeed a sport of royalty and aristocracy, in Victorian England it was the upper classes who embraced the sport in the form of playing tennis on the grass.

Tennis was indeed a sport of royalty and aristocracy

It was Arthur Balfour, an English politician who coined the term “lawn”. Soon, many other derivatives began to replace the surface of the tennis court with grass. It was eventually being replaced with concrete and clay surfaces. Soon after, the tennis lawns began to replace with a new style of play as a summer sport.

Tennis nowadays

With the rise and fall of this sport, tennis has become a subject that everyone loves it. In the long run, this tennis game will continue to grow and highly develop.


The history and development of the Wimbledon Championship in the UK

One of the most important developments in tennis history has been the introduction of the Wimbledon Championship. The tournament captured the public’s imagination and before the first champions started to emerge, the first of them was William Renshaw.

In the following years, the sport became extremely popular, not only in the UK but all over the world. America’s May Sutton became the tournament’s first international player in 1905, the year Wimbledon attracted 71 players.

The development of the Wimbledon Championship

The tournaments continued to grow with games that became very spectacular in the 1930s, led by British players like Don Budge and Fred Perry and international stars such as Henri Lacoste. Photographs of the tournaments held during those days reveal the tennis fashion that seemed odd to us these days, with men in trousers and women playing with long skirts on socks.

The Championship became a center for tennis. Also, it became a center fashion. American Bunny Austin shocking audiences in 1933 by stepping out into the courtyard in shorts. In the 1930s, there was an important event in tennis history. The game was presented to the audience all around the world.

However, there was a sudden end to all of this with the outbreak of World War II in 1939. This event closed the championships until 1946. The sport was transformed by generation after the war. There were technical improvements added to it, turned it into a sophisticated entertainment for the increasingly prosperous middle class.

Australian football strikers such as Roy Emerson and Rod Laver dominated the sport in the 1960s. And with the development of television, the game was introduced to the wider public, making this tennis game possible. became an international sport that attracted huge amounts of money. Wimbledon was first shown in color television in 1967.

During the 70s and 80s, the sport was dominated by a new legion of internationally renowned players, and the crowd was captivated by greats such as the graceful Bjorn Borg, antics. Jimmy Connors’ brutality and John McEnroe’s rage.

Tennis tournaments for women

Women’s tournaments are noted with big names like Sue Barker, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert, and Martina Navratilova. Virginia Wade is England’s top female player, the last British to win the championship in 1977.

The tournament prize money continued to increase along with the contours of the players’ costumes. In 1986, a yellow tennis ball was applied for the first time, so the speedball is more visible on TV cameras.


The history and development of tennis – the favorite sport in the UK (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered where tennis came from and who was the first player? You want to know how this tennis has evolved through its stages. Here is all knowledge about tennis that is loved by millions of people around the world.

1. The origin of the famous tennis game

Ancient origin

If you learn about tennis, you will discover that ball games have been played since ancient times with the first depictions that can be found on the Egyptian temple inscriptions. from 1500 BC. It is said that the ball game formed part of the religious rites of the ancient Egyptians.

They were Christian monks, influenced by the Moors’ religious customs, who would be the first Europeans to play the raw form of tennis. In the first version of this game, called “La Soule”, the players hit the ball against each other either with bare hands or using a club. The game became popular in monasteries across Europe, to the point where the Church even planned to ban the game.

The development history of tennis

This was the first form of the game, in which the ball was usually hit against the walls of a courtyard, soon starting to be played outside the monasteries, with it further developing in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Soon, they discovered that they could control the ball better with just their hands, which soon led to the creation of a leather glove. It was not long before the glove started being attached to a wooden handle, thus creating the first tennis racket.

The balls undergo some screening, which changes from solid wood to bran stuffed into the skin. The game quickly became very popular, especially in France, where it was brought up by royalty.

The development of tennis

Tennis is different from the games played today. Players earn points the way they play the ball off the room walls. Another way in which polish differs from today’s game is a system of chases used.

In the game tennis nowadays, the ball is considered dead if it is bounced twice. However, in ancient Tennis, the point where the ball would bounce the second time would be marked with a marker, called the chase. Hence, a player who scores fewer points can win the game using more chasing skills.


Wimbledon as the largest tennis tournament in the UK (Part 2)

The playing field in Wimbledon

Wimbledon has 19 yards, all of which are grass. This is the traditional pitch (tennis on the pitch) of the British. On the pitch the ball goes fast, bouncing low and uneven. Therefore it is usually adapted to players with a knack for serving and serving on the net (serve and volley).

The pitch is playing at Wimbledon

The only special case is Bjorn Borg. This is the previous tennis player from clay-court rarely hit the net. He won Wimbledon for 5 consecutive years (1976-1980).

Due to the weather in London or rain during the tournament. They decided to install a movable roof on the yard, which was completed in 2009. The original No. 1 stadium attached to the Central Stadium was rebuilt in 1997. Replaced with a new grandstand that has a larger capacity.

It is said that the original Stadium No. 1 has a very unique atmosphere, loved by many players. Therefore, changing it has upset many people. Stadium No. 1 is also a venue for some important matches such as the quarterfinals of the singles. There is a huge TV screen outside for people gathered on a tall lawn to watch.

The No. 2 pitch is dubbed the “Tombs of Champions” because many of the players in the class lost to lower-ranked players. The victims included Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras…

The boy and the girl pick up the ball

In matches at the tournament, the girls and the boy picked up the ball, also known as the BBG. They play an important role in helping the tournament go smoothly. Since 1947 the ball-gathering force has been provided by the Goldings School of the Barnardo’s charity.

Since 2005, the BBG teams are six people, two on either side of the net, four on the corners. The ball pick-up is paid a total of £ 120 to £ 180 per person after 13 days. This depends on the amount of time involved.

Each BBG is allowed to keep all the costumes. Usually includes three to four t-shirts, two or three shorts or a skort (skirt with inner shorts), tracksuit, 12 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of wristbands, 1 hat, a water bottle bag, a book bag, and shoes.

The first potential BBGs will be recommended by the school principal for consideration. Applicants who wish to be selected must pass the written examination of the tennis rules. Moreover, they must pass the ki post


Wimbledon as the largest tennis tournament in the UK (Part 1)

Wimbledon is one of four similar Grand Slams with the Australian Open, the French Open, and the US Open. This is the only major tournament on the pitch. Currently, legend Roger Federer is the player who holds the record 8 times of Wimbledon translation.

Time of the tournament

The tournament takes place in late June and early July lasting over 2 weeks. Worth mentioning is the focus of the most attention the women’s singles and men’s singles finals. It is held on Saturdays and Sundays in July.

Wimbledon is noted for its tradition of costumes. Besides, as well as not placing billboards around the yard. In 2009, the Wimbledon Central Stadium was fitted with a dragging dome to shield the rain and save time.

Wimbledon tournament history

Events of 1877

The first Wimbledon tennis tournament was opened on July 9, 1977. The men’s singles were the only content to be held and the winner was Spencer Gore. He is a former racket player of Harrow School, out of 22 players involved. At that time, about 200 guests paid each person a shilling to watch the final.

The courtyards are arranged in such a way that the center court is in the middle, so the main court is called the “Center Court”. The name remained the same when the club moved to its current location on Church Road in 1922 although it no longer has a central position.

The period from 1884

the tournament was supplemented with the women’s singles and men’s doubles events. Doubles and mixed doubles competitions were added in 1913. In 1922, only the final match against the best opponent in the outer ring would be played. Ever since Fred Perry won the men’s singles championship in 1936, Andy Murray was the next British in 2013 to win the title.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has never won a women’s singles since Virginia Wade in 1977, although Annabel Croft and Laura Robson won the women’s singles championships in 1984 and 2008 respectively.


Wimbledon 2020 is canceled: Many players easily become broke

Professional sports have a flashy appearance, but Heaven exists only if it has achieved success such as Nadal, Federer, Djokovic.

Shortly after the 2020 Wimbledon became the “Grand Slam ghost” of this year’s tennis village due to COVID-19, the world’s top stars like Roger Federer and Serena Williams expressed their regret for losing the opportunity to add to the throne. Enemy into huge trophy collection.

However, their feelings compared to their inferior colleagues are really just “mosquitoes”. There are players waiting for Grand Slams like Wimbledon to pay the entire bill. All they need to is just trying to get to the main round.

The desire to attend the Wimbledon 2020 of the “poor” players this time is even more intense. Before that, the organizer has just announced a total record prize money in excess of 40 million pounds (1,200 billion).

Is the prestigious Wimbledon champion something that many players can touch?

Attending Grand Slams like Wimbledon is an urgent need for many player. hey have lost too many tournaments this year due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the cost to pay is not small. In addition to injuries requiring treatment and medical rehabilitation, some players must pay salaries for coaches and accommodation.

Compared to other tournaments, nothing makes money as good as the Grand Slam. Last year alone, the first round of Wimbledon was pocketed 45,000 pounds (1.3 billion). This year, the bonus has increased to 50,000 pounds (1.45 billion).

However, it is clear that many players until Wimbledon probably only pocket tens of thousands of dollars since the beginning of the year, as a Romanian female tennis player once admitted. Imagine the prize money in small tournaments clearly. The player who qualified for a qualifying match in Singapore probably earned just over $ 100 (2.3 million) a bit.

So will the performance in Grand Slams like Wimbledon determine whether they have enough money to pay off their expenses, or are they in a state of deep debt? Sadly, this year there was no Wimbledon – the Grand Slam on the pitch once promised record-breaking bonuses. Instead, the prospect of having to beg for survival is increasingly evident in the eyes of many professional players.