Greenwood as a bright young star of Manchester United

Greenwood scored twice in the great victory of Man United. Those are 2 moments that have a clear impression of the star.

Another cannon with the left foot, and 25 minutes later another cannon with the right foot. Both finishes a goal by young player Mason Greenwood is perfect to every centimeter.

Many young players need a football season to prove themselves. However, Greenwood needs exactly two goals to score against Bournemouth to show fans how talented he is. Mason Greenwood had a great match against Bournemouth.

Greenwood scored the 8th goal in the Premier League this season at the age of 18. Taking the 18-year-old milestone as a measure, we need to know in Premier League history, only three players scored over 8 goals in a Premier League season. And all are legends.

They are Michael Owen (18 goals, 1997/98 season), Robbie Fowler (10 goals, 1993/94) and Wayne Rooney (9 goals, 2003/04). Looking at these three names, surely Man United fans in general and Greenwood boy in particular are full of hope for the bright future ahead.

However, this is still not the most impressive thing about Greenwood. Greenwood scored 8 goals in the Premier League this season after 31 finishes. If calculating the performance, he scored an average of 3.8 times to finish, he scored 1 goal.

To see how impressive this figure is, look at Greenwood’s teammates: Anthony Martial lost 4.6 times on average to score 1 goal, Marcus Rashford was 5.5 shots on time, and rookie Bruno Fernandes is also 5.5 times.

Greenwood is approaching the milestones that legends have ever reached

With a successful free-kick against Bournemouth, Bruno had 5 goals and 5 assists in 9 Premier League matches this season. Bruno became the 10-time milestone player in the fastest goal in Man United’s history, equal to the achievements of two legends Eric Cantona and Robin van Persie.

Greenwood is the player who owns the fastest speed in the Premier League this season. With so many strong points such as the skill of finishing with both legs, inherent confidence, the speed of sorrow, Greenwood – the youngest 231 player from the training academy of Man United to go straight to the first team – is in hand a bright future. He will be the future of Man United and the whole of England.