Liverpool is going through a bad phase in the Premier League

Liverpool spent 90 hard minutes at Brighton, only to leave with 1 point. It seems the “Red Brigade” is losing the courage they had last season.

Liverpool has just been held 1-1 by Brighton in the early match of the 10th round of the Premier League. This was the fourth consecutive away match that the defending champion did not win, with 3 draws and a 2-7 defeat at Aston Villa in round 4.

Liverpool’s 2020/21 season is not as strong as it was a year ago

In the 10th round, Liverpool marched to Brighton’s field with great hope. Only that, the wait and the hopes are turned into disappointment by Liverpool players. Almost no notable highlights during the 90 minutes came from red shirts, except for Diogo Jota’s dribbling and goal finish.

Liverpool’s 2020/21 season is not as strong as it was a year ago

Compared to themselves in the 2019/20 season or even the 2018/19 season (Liverpool season finished second, despite 97 points), it is clear that the “Red Brigade” is playing much worse.

Last season, it was not until round 9 of Liverpool to draw the first match at MU, and it was not until round 28 that the first match of the season lost. Meanwhile this season, Liverpool won only 6, drew 3, and lost 1 in 10 matches played.

With a 1-1 draw at Brighton, Liverpool is going through a very bad phase on the away field. But even at Anfield’s home ground, Liverpool was recently beaten 2-0 by Atalanta in the Champions League group stage. The absence of many pillars has made coach Jurgen Klopp’s red shirt team lose their inherent strength.

Liverpool recently lost in the Champions League

On the other hand, it seems Liverpool are not playing well as the defending champions. Last season, Liverpool were the defending European champions. In the opening match of the Champions League 2019/20, “Red Brigade” also bitterly lost 0-2 at Napoli, then eliminated by Atletico Madrid from the eighth round.

According to statistics from Opta, Liverpool is the first and only defending champions of the Champions League, losing in the opening match of the new season. In the history of this tournament, no defending champion started so badly. And it is also rare for a team to be eliminated so early.

The poor start to the end of the 2020/21 season is the forecast of a stormy road that Liverpool will have to go. Until the pillars return, otherwise “Red Brigade” will have to meet disappointing results, even worse than the last 1-1 draw at Brighton.