England football and the great ambition at Euro 2020

The England team is having an impressive Euro 2020 qualifying campaign and shows their ambition to spread in the summer to next year.

Gareth Southgate’s army registered their name on the train to Euro 2020 early. The Three Lions will certainly end the qualifying campaign with the top of Group A. With what has shown, England fans have the right to expect something special next summer.

Wembley advantage

England will start Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium on July 14, 2020. If able to go to the final match, the Three Lions will be playing at home 5 out of 7 matches. Although the FA has tried to reduce the fact that their team benefits from home advantage, head coach Gareth Southgate emphasizes the benefits of this.

It is clear that the advantage played at Wembley will greatly help England, especially with the nature of the knockout matches. This is considered to be the greatest advantage of the Three Lions at Euro 2020.

Destructive attack power

England have scored 33 goals in just 7 matches in the qualifying campaign, more than any other team. Although the opponents in Group A are relatively weak, but can not therefore deny the attack of the Three Lions.

The England head coach makes perfect sense to say so. Croatia could be considered the first major opponent they met at the 2018 World Cup. And the match ended with a defeat for the Three Lions. They also lost 2 times to Belgium in procedural matches. Things are not allowed to recur at Euro 2020 if the British want to make things happen.

The most satisfactory map

Gareth Southgate has been trying to build a 4-3-3 scheme for England since after the World Cup and it is showing effectiveness. The 49-year-old strategist has shared his decision.

Harry Kane is undoubtedly the number one choice for spearhead striker position if he is healthy. Tammy Abraham will be a backup plan. Not to mention Callum Wilson can step in the race if he continues to maintain high form.

Youth and experience

Half of England’s squad for Euro 2020 will be under the age of 22. Although holding a youthful squad like Southgate still emphasizes the importance of the two oldest players in the team including Jordan Henderson and Fabian Delph, both 29 years old. A gameplay that has been shaped over time and has passed fire tests. Youth combined with experience. And besides those excellent individuals who can make a difference with an instant.


The way Man City rose to be the global football empire (Part 4)

It is understandable that part of Mancini’s salary is paid by Al Jariza, and the name “adviser” is just an excuse. Salaries went to Mancini from Man City, to Al Jariza, then to Sparkleglow Holdings – an offshore company in Mauritius.

Offshore companies are usually set up in countries that are considered tax havens, like Mauritius. It can carry out tax-free financial transactions. This is how Man City paid Mancini wages, at least in 2011. Without the law-bypassing scheme, vague payments and suspicious money injection, Man City has not been as successful as it is now.

From a little-known football team, Man City became a global brand, under the name City Football Group (CFG). When we drink a cup of Starbucks, whether in Seattle or Singapore, we have to pay exorbitant prices. So are the soccer branches of Man City.

Man City, New York City or Melbourne City all have the same logo, shirt color and sponsors. It was Etihad Airlines. In addition, Man City also owns shares in teams of Uruguay, Spain and Japan. They signed a cooperation agreement with clubs in the Scandinavian peninsula, and opened a football academy in Africa.

The investment in Girona Club in Spain has the same model. “Young City players need to rub in a highly qualified tournament. Girona will create opportunities for them”, the internal Man City document said. Due to the quality of City’s first team, young players are sent to branch teams to develop. The global football system makes it easy for Man City coaches to filter out players good enough to lift Manchester.

Rarely has any team kept up with City and the “global empire”. For over 11 years, Mansour spent nearly three billion dollars on Man City. Last season, their net profit reached more than 10 million pounds. This profit is not really attractive compared to the investment of billions of dollars.

Not to mention Mansour is always willing to pay for the expensive players. But, Man City is still on the rise. In 2008, Mansour bought Man City for £ 100 million.


The way Man City rose to be the global football empire (Part 3)

To control information, Man City media experts assess potential risks on every step of the way. They select partners, and when necessary, evaluate whether the contract value is large enough to risk.

In early 2014, Man City leaders met to sign a contract with the Arabtec construction company, based in Dubai. At that time, the Arabtec leader was Hasan Ismaik – the infamous owner of Munich 1860 Club. Man City asked the media group to sum up the potential risks if the two sides closed the contract.

Not long ago, The Guardian reported on the poor living conditions of migrant workers in Abu Dhabi. In 2009, the BBC also revealed how badly Arabtec treated its workers. This problem is not new to the Gulf state that enriches the deserts. Over the past 40 years, Abu Dhabi has employed many workers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, building skyscrapers on barren ground.

Man City leaders ignored the warning, to receive seven million pounds a year from Arabtec. But, they came to an agreement on regional advertising contracts. Man City and Arabtec contracts are only published in Arab countries, Russia and Turkey – where democracy and human rights are not necessarily a priority.

To ensure Man City also has a part in the profit pie named football, the leader set the unprecedented model: A global empire. Owning a team is not enough. The global team network will be more profitable, and Man City has understood this since 2009.

That year, Roberto Mancini signed two contracts at the same time: one is Man City coach, the other is Al Jazira adviser – the leading UAE team. Mansour Al Nahyan is the boss of both teams. The value of the contract will surprise many: Mancini receives a higher salary from Al Jazira than from Man City. The Premier League club pays £ 1.45 million a year, while the Gulf club pays £ 1.75 million for Mancini.

“We have to help Al Jazira with some payments,” a Man City director wrote to his associates in September 2011. “We will send money to ADUG, then ADUG will transfer to Al Jazira, with payment instructions.” ADUG is Abu Dhabi United Group – the group that owns Man City. Its owner is also Mansour. ADUG is considered the head of Man City’s campaign against the Financial Fair Law.


The way Man City rose to be the global football empire (Part 2)

Mansour is the half-brother of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MbZ). MbZ is considered the current head of the UAE, when President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has suffered health problems since 2014. The Al Nahyan family has not interfered with the management of Man City, which they assigned to their subordinates.

When Mansour bought Man City, MbZ sent Simon Pearce to be one of the directors. According to an investigation by Der Spiegel (Germany), Pearce is a PR expert of MbZ, responsible for implementing ghost sponsorship contracts for Man City. He represented Abu Dhabi in negotiations, but still needed Khaldoon to pass decisions. “OK, let’s go,” sometimes Khaldoon just needs to text.

Pearce and his Manchester City directors drew enough ways to manipulate the contract, dealing with Financial Fairness laws. Their secret activities are all codenamed. They are willing to resolve foreign affairs with tacit agreements.

The appointment of Guardiola is also an understatement. The contract between Man City and Guardiola was signed on October 10, 2015. The Spanish strategist earned £ 13.5 million ($ 17.6 million) in the first year, rising to £ 16.75 million in the following years. The unusual point is not in the salary, but at the time of signing. Meanwhile, Guardiola entered the new season for only two months, as Bayern Munich coach.

A few weeks later, a Sunday Mirror reporter wrote that City’s football director – Txiki Begiristain – met Guardiola in Barcelona. He released the news: “Begiristain and Guardiola are negotiating a contract”. This news is of course wrong. The contract has been signed.

Man City spokesman Simon Heggie immediately wrote to the leaders: “I have called and asked the reporter to remove the article.” A moment later, Heggie said the story had been removed. “I will correct it with other papers,” he added. This helps Man City control the time to announce the contract – February 2016.

Control is Man City’s motto. They control the pitch, and the media. The leaders understand that the team and the Abu Dhabi owners are always skeptical. With a professional PR team, Man City prevents a lot of unfavorable information targeting them. The British press – a country claiming to be the source of modern democracy and law – received a rave review of Abu Dhabi owners. But in the UAE, adulterers are executed and kissing in public will go to jail.


The way Man City rose to be the global football empire (Part 1)

In November 2019, the price of City Football Group – the global empire that owns Man City – was about $ 4.8 billion, higher than any other club.

Pep Guardiola, in the eyes of football fans, never seemed to stand still. He does not always control his actions. Outside the boundary line, he paced back and forth, shouting to direct the player, shouting at the referee with every adverse and exciting decision after each goal. But when he met Mansour Al Nahyan – UAE Prince and president of Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG), Guardiola was like a different person.

“All or Nothing” is a documentary about Man City, which the crew has been with the team for a year. In the film, Guardiola is so polite that he is embarrassed whenever he has to talk to his boss. Viewers don’t even hear what they’re saying to each other. Just know they both still smile.

The film, produced by Amazon, features Man City’s trip to Abu Dhabi. This segment as to promote UAE tourism. There, the players were wearing uniforms, British actors worked in the laundry room, and President Khaldoon Al Mubarak always dressed like a gentleman. Khaldoon laughed spontaneously and stood pedestal next to Noel Gallagher – a crazy English artist Man City. Khaldoon is Mansour’s right-hand man, helping Abu Dhabi expand to Europe.

In August 2010, two years after acquiring Man City, Mansour first came to the Etihad Stadium. He laughed and waved to the crowd, while his subordinates were nervous. Even Khaldoon is the same. Tension disappeared when Man City defeated Liverpool 3-0. Mansour’s visit was considered successful. And that was the only time he attended the Man City match.

It is not uncommon for Mansour not to interfere in the management of Man City. Even Khaldoon doesn’t stick to financial details, or football tactics. In Abu Dhabi, Khaldoon manages Mubadala investment company and EAA executive consulting agency.

Mubadala is a UAE state-owned enterprise, specializing in investing abroad billions of dollars in oil. And EAA is the right hand of the UAE government, directing international relations strategy. The two companies explain why Mansour invests in Man City.


Will Bruno Fernandes be able to revive Man United?

After a long time of pursuit, Man United finally successfully recruited Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese midfielder is expected to help “Red Devils” flourish.

In the winter of 2020, Bruno Fernandes arrived at Old Trafford for 68 million pounds, the amount was not small. Therefore, the expectation for the former Sporting Lisbon midfielder is quite large. Immediately, he was coach Ole Solskjaer to start the match against Wolves in the 25th round of the Premier League.

Fernandes has shown his worth. He was the one who made the most passes and the most shots on the United side. However, the goal did not come with the home team. This shows that the “Red Devils” are having many problems.

In the first half, all five shots from Man United were taken outside the box. Fernandes can improve the quality of long shots for the “Red Devils”. At the Portuguese National Championship last season, 114 of his 180 shots were out of range 16.5 meters.

However, a team takes many long shots only when they are deadlocked. Man United need to increase the number of shots at a closer distance. That’s the problem coach Solskjaer needs to solve.

Even in Manchester United’s 1-0 victory over Man City in the League Cup, this issue was exposed. The Norwegian strategist acknowledged that the students could not create many opportunities. Luke Shaw or Fred have the opportunity to put the ball into the penalty area, but they play safe. Meanwhile, Anthony Martial frequently took wing.

In the Portuguese league, Fernandes was the one who made the shortest passes in the last two seasons. Coach Solskjaer also emphasized that he wants the rookie to maintain that style of play, which can help Man United deploy better and create more opportunities.

Fernandes showed his strong points in the debut of the new team. He made 10 passes into the Wolves penalty area, the most on the United side. If calculated every 90 minutes, this number of Juan Mata or Paul Pogba are 6.2 and 4, respectively, far behind Fernandes.

In addition, Man United has 7 touches or finishes in the penalty area after a combination of 10 or more passes. This number is equal to the first 7 matches of the “Reds” season combined. Fernandes shows that he can become a builder for the Old Trafford team.

Underwater hockey

Overview of underwater hockey (Part 2)

In order to play underwater hockey, an athlete needs to be a good swimmer, able to dive deep and keep a good breath for as long as possible, so besides competing against the goal. Phuong, this is a swimming match with deep dive and long dive. Anyone who has the ability to dive longer can bring victory to his team.

The ball used in water hockey is of normal size, round, flat but it is important that it has enough weight to sink to the bottom. Usually an orb to play in this interesting match weighs between 1.3 and 1.5kg.

Hockey sticks for playing underwater

Each member of the match may use a hockey stick about 30cm long, not too long for the athlete to move easily and use a stick to hit the opponent’s net.

In addition to swimming, athletes participating in the match must learn the skill of accurate underwater polishing, because the water strength can obstruct the path of the bridge, and the bridge is quite heavy, requiring athletes Must be in good health to be able to fight.

Equipment for athletes

Each athlete participating in the match will be equipped with propellers, swimwear, bats, masks, gloves made from rubber. And to distinguish underwater, each team will be equipped with tools of the same color

Specification of swimming pool for water hockey

The surface of the lake is used to organize an underwater hockey game with a depth of 2-4m and a flat lake bed to ensure the bridge can move in the direction of the polish. Usually, the lake size must reach 25x12m. The goal of each team is made of metal that looks like a tray and each team has to make it to put the ball into the opponent’s tray as much as possible.


Each team participates in water hockey including 10 athletes, of which 6 will compete and the other 4 will be in reserve. This sport does not distinguish between men and women, as long as you have good health, you can play it.

The order to start the game begins with the whistle and then the players of both teams will rush into the lake, dive and start to serve the center line of the lake.

An underwater hockey game is extremely attractive to the participants as well as the spectators watching the match. The athletes will be able to show their great swimming ability, extremely nice serve. Whether winning or losing, all have to climb up, the winning team is definitely up to congratulate each other.

Underwater hockey

Overview of underwater hockey (Part 1)

Underwater hockey is one of the oldest sports in the world. To be able to play this sport, players need good physical strength, excellent swimming ability, can dive deep for as long as possible, and especially if you’re not passionate about hockey then surely It sure is hard to be an amateur.

History of hockey sport

Hockey is one of the most favorite sports, with interesting antagonism, the two teams will use the sticks to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal without using the collision of any of the above components. the body. This game requires good technical players and excellent observation ability and determination to win the team together.

According to studies, hockey was played a few decades ago, but the majority of people who played this sport were aristocrats, showing their elegance and for a long time, Ordinary people are almost unaware of the presence of this interesting water sport.

Hockey is played on many different terrains and the most popular and famous is the image of athletes who both skate and play hockey extremely skillfully.

Ice hockey is played a lot in countries where the climate is cold enough to make the ice thick, flat, wide and safe. And it is this beautiful image of ice hockey that inspires so many people and thus spreads the sport around the world.

 Underwater hockey

Underwater hockey was born very casually in a situation unrelated to sports. In 1950, the British Navy often devised a way to practice and play in a manner similar to ice hockey in the water to help divers improve their ability to move and perform effective tasks under the water.

In 1954, Underwater hockey (also known as Octopush) was officially considered a sport after Alan Blake founded the first Southsea Sub-Aqua Club in England.

Underwater hockey was then enthusiastically responded to by a harmonious combination of swimming and diving skills, while a mixed form of hockey and basketball. Both men and women can participate in this subject, just need to have good endurance to the challenge of holding your breath for a certain period of time underwater.


Lampard was angry after Chelsea’s victory in the FA Cup

The British strategist has just sent a strong message to the Chelsea leadership, which requires the club to strengthen its forces during the winter transfer window.

On the morning of January 26 (Hanoi time), Chelsea defeated Hull City 2-1 with a chance to win the FA Cup fifth round. This is a match “The Blues” very hard to win. In this match, the ability of Chelsea to continue to face problems. And this has become the reason why the club has been fluttering over time.

According to coach Frank Lampard, Chelsea urgently needs to increase forces to improve the situation. The English leader said after the game: “We lost one of the most prestigious players in the history of the club is Eden Hazard. Everything is here. At the moment, Chelsea need short-term contracts. that will solve everything “.

According to ESPN, Chelsea would like to have one more striker to create depth for the attack. Tammy Abraham or Michy Batshuayi are playing well, but “The Blues” still needs more talented new elements to share the fire with them. There are rumors that the Stamford Bridge Stadium team is pursuing PSG’s Edinson Cavani.

However, Lampard was tired of the transfer of the club. He said: “There is nothing progressing to talk about the club ‘s policy of buying players now. In the last summer, we lost the best card (Hazard), and now we have to pay.”

On Hull City’s KCOM Stadium, Chelsea made 16 shots, but only 4 times the ball hit the target. This makes them have to undergo difficult moments. ESPN describes “The Blues” has not found a solution to the problem of poor finishing, and the disease has followed the club all the time.

Talking more about the match, Lampard said Chelsea had played well, but did not know how to finish the opponent. Meeting Newcastle on January 19 in the Premier League, “The Blues” had a similar problem, and had to pay with a 0-1 defeat.


Man City drew 2-2 with Crystal Palace at Etihad

Sergio Aguero scored twice in 10 minutes but Man City only drew 2-2 with Crystal Palace in the 23rd Premier League on January 18.

Two goals in the 82nd and 87th minutes of Aguero seemed to bring a comeback to Man City – the team was led in more than 80 minutes. But the final table of the match belonged to Crystal Palace in an unexpected way.

Fernandinho smashed the ball home after a cross from Wilfried Zaha in the 90th minute. The goal lost the hopes of the Man City champions almost as soon as the gap with the top of the Liverpool table reached 13 points, and maybe 19 points if Jurgen Klopp‘s teachers won the last two matches.

The front goal on the home net is a specialty of Man City this season. Pep Guardiola’s teachers and students were conceded in six of the last nine home games, though always the dominant team. In the first half against Crystal Palace, Man City finished 11 times and created eight corner kicks.

Crystal Palace only finished once, from their only corner in the half, but was the only team to score in the first 45 minutes. Cenk Tosun – a new recruit from Everton – headed into a table from Gary Cahill’s overhead pass.

The match represents the entire domestic season of Man City. Everything against them, from luck, referee to VAR. In the first half, the ball almost rolled on the Crystal Palace yard, but refused to find Guaita net. After Kevin De Bruyne hit the bar and bounced off the bar, it was Sergio Aguero’s turn to miss the cross.

A total of 25 shots were launched by City during the match, 14 of which came in the second half. After a lot of misses, Sergio Aguero scored after Gabriel Jesus’s cross with a cross in the 82nd minute. When the excitement returned, the Argentine striker completed the brace in just five minutes. From Benjamin Mendy’s cross, Aguero headed the ball into the far corner to beat Guaita a second time.

Crystal Palace won at Etihad last season. As a result, they did not lose faith in getting points, even though they lost two goals in five minutes. From making a rare ball in the second half, Zaha dribbled and stretched horizontally.

None of the Crystal Palace players approached the penalty area fast enough to catch the ball, but the cross stretched with great force made Fernandinho frantically break the ball home. Draw 2-2, City for the eighth time lost points after 23 rounds this season.