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Why is Lewis Hamilton one of the greatest athlete in the UK?

Lewis Hamilton won the 7th world championship after winning the Turkish race. He has become the most successful F1 driver in history and is arguably the greatest athlete in the UK of his generation.

Is Lewis Hamilton the Greatest Athlete in the UK?

Andy Murray was famous in the UK when he won 3 consecutive Grand Slams. However, at present, it can be said that he is just one of the four best sports athletes of his time, even the bottom of the list.

The Scottish tennis player had a golden period in tennis and brought glory to UK sport. But Lewis Hamilton completely outperformed and Murray was not a worthy opponent.

Another great England player that deserves a mention is Sir Mo Farah. His most outstanding achievement is winning two 2012 Olympic gold medals at a distance of 5000m and 10000m at London’s yard.

Hamilton is rated as the greatest athlete in the UK

Thanks to his achievements that stirred the UK as well as his philanthropic activities, Mo Farah was awarded the CBE title (only lower than the Knighthood) by the Queen of England in the new year 2013. This even made the British people disagree, who thought that Mo Farah deserved the title of Knight! Also because of the CBE title, British media and the world began to call him Sir Mo Farah.

Despite possessing extremely impressive achievements, Mo Farah is not the greatest marathon runner in the world. He hasn’t even set a world record yet. Finally, there is Chris Froome, a Kenyan-born British professional trailer who plays for UCI ProTeam. Born in Kenya and raised in South Africa but since Spring 2008, he has played for the UK.

Chris Froome had four Tour de France championships in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017. However, he was questioned about using doping and despite being vindicated, this greatly reduced his reputation.

After all, Hamilton is rated as the greatest athlete in the UK. The reason is the impressive collection of achievements and has just equaled Schumacher’s record of 7 times world championship F1 at the age of 36 years old.

Car racing

What will happen to the major car racing events of 2020?

Silverstone is set to host two grand behind closed doors in August. This is a part of the condensed Formula 1 season calendar in 2020. The British Travel Car Championship is geared towards organizing a schedule. It includes 27 races to start at Donington Park on August 2.

The season finals will take place at the Blooming Brand on November 15. The GT Championship is also looking forward to starting on August 2 with an event at Oulton Park. The Goodwood Festival of Speed, Wales Rally GB (UK World Cup race), and the historic Silverstone Classic and Goodwood Revival race meetings are among the canceled events.

Formula E leads the way in electric vehicle fees

Both McLaren and Williams have been partners in the most important motorsport development of the past decade. The UK-based Formula E has led the way in electrification.

Already in its sixth season, the one-seat car series is already ahead of the evolution of technology that all major carmakers are now pledging. And again, the white heat of competition has accelerated the pace.

The third generation of the upcoming Formula E car, introduced in 2022, will represent a significant change in performance. From 268bhp of the ‘Gen 1, racer, initially, 460bhp is now in range, while the weight has always dropped from over 900kg to just 780kg, as the battery has reduced in size and increased capacity.

Formula E also pioneered fast charging, including 30-second pit-up stops. All this in just six years. It is no surprise that Mercedes and Porsche have joined Audi, BMW, DS, Jaguar, Mahindra, Nio, and Nissan in a formidable F1 lineup.

How the racing club will return

Racing finally started again on July 4, with 12 events taking place over the weekend, starting with an English Motor Racing Club event at Castle Combe. Motorsport UK will limit the number of event licenses to 50% of 2019.

All event organizers will be required to meet new security protocols. They will come with social dispersion measures, providing issue PPE when needed. Also, most of the paper work before the event is done online.