The MU vs Stoke match was canceled due to a case of Covid-19

The friendly match between MU and Stoke had to be canceled at the last minute because of a confirmed positive case of corona virus.

After the training period, MU arranged a friendly match against Stoke City on Carrington training ground to prepare for the Premier League’s restart date. As expected, the friendly match will take place on Tuesday night (9/6, UK time). However, the match was canceled at the last minute, when Stoke City coach Michael O’Neill was found positive for Covid-19.

When the whole Stoke team arrived at Carrington, they were arranged by MU to go to the building of the Training Academy, quite far away from the Reds player’s training place to ensure safety principles.

But just one day after coming here, Stoke received test results from the authorities for players of the clubs. The match was immediately canceled and the entire Stoke team quickly left Carrington.

A source from MU said the Red Devils players were ready for the match, so it was a bit disturbing when it was canceled. Fortunately, no MU star has come into contact with Stoke. Coach Ole Solskjaer, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes and teammates practice separately at the AON training complex.

A dangerous situation for MU

This is a dangerous situation for MU in the context that they are close to returning in the Premier League. Prudence from the beginning helped them avoid troubles.

As expected, MU will have another friendly match with West Brom on Friday. However, the match has not been officially announced. he team that is ranked 2nd in the English Premier League rankings wants to play on their home turf rather than moving to Carrington.

As can be seen, Covid-19 pandemic still has certain affects to sports around the world today. It may take more time for the sports world to return to its normal status.


What happens if the golf course grass is closed?

The Covid-19 pandemic is closing most golf courses in the world. But maintenance on the field must be maintained daily.

Even if it is not open to the public, golf courses must be maintained daily

The simplest reason is that it is not possible to “close” the grass like a restaurant. If you let the grass grow wild for just a few weeks, important areas like the green, tee, fairway and eventually rough will lose the overlap.

The most special of which is the green, the grass in this area must be cut daily, maintained at an altitude of 3-4mm. With regular and short cuts, old grass sprouts are controlled and new grass sprouts are stimulated to grow, combined with other measures such as tilling, punching, and filling.

As a result, the courts always maintain the surface of the putting ball as people still play – green.

If left for a week or longer, the grass will grow too high. Old grass sprout is not inhibited to stimulate new growth. The grass also doesn’t have enough light to interweave. The green will then be like the tee tee and gradually become more like the rough (the grass area) and worse than the bush.

If the grass had not been cut for many days, the altitude had exceeded 3-4mm quite a lot and the internode had been too long. At that time, the maintenance department will be very hard because it cannot be cut immediately at the above height.

By doing so, the grass will die from being cut below the growth point. The green face will then be no longer “green” as usual. The color from green will turn brown – dead grass or worse the black of the ground, which means no grass.

The process of bringing back beauty and quality before being abandoned can take 1-2 months depending on the capacity and budget of the yard owner.

That’s not to mention the other bad things – weeds invade at an uncontrolled level, especially golf courses that use paspalum grass such as FLC, Tam Dao, Van Tri, Vinpearl, Legend Hill…. Paspalum is not tolerant to many selective herbicides.