Arsenal headed the Premier League for salary cut due to COVID-19

Arsenal announced a pay cut but Mesut Ozil unexpectedly refused to join.

The Arsenal club has officially announced on the homepage that the team has reached an agreement with the players and coaching staff about the plan to reduce wages during the Covid-19 pandemic season. Accordingly, the members of the first team will be cut 12.5% ​​of income per week, this amount will offset the salary paid to the staff working for the club.

Arsenal announced a cut of 12.5% ​​in player and coaching wages

Arsenal thus became the first club in the Premier League to cut wages. Southampton and West Ham are the first two clubs to postpone wages to players and coaches rather than cut wages, meaning members of the two teams will be paid at another time. Newcastle United and Norwich, meanwhile, have used government grants to secure employee income.

Despite the pay cut, Arsenal also announced they would pay back the money the players and coaches agreed to cut at an unspecified time. The condition is that the team earns the results set out this season and the next season (for the European Cup), and if a player is sold before that time, the club will also pay the cut.

It is worth noting that Mesut Ozil has rejected the pay cut, he and two other Arsenal players are said to have not participated in the negotiation. Ozil currently earns £ 350,000 a week at the Emirates Stadium.

Ozil refused to cut 12.5% ​​of his salary

Ozil refused to cut 12.5% ​​of his salary but was willing to make a bigger deduction to help the club

According to Sami Korbel of the Daily Mail, Ozil is in fact willing to deduct an amount greater than 12.5% ​​from his salary to support the salaries of Arsenal employees. Besides, he has also been financially supporting organizations to fight against epidemics.

Not only Arsenal, Chelsea are also talking about salary reduction. Chelsea players are discussing a 10% pay cut while coach Frank Lampard is willing to deduct 25% of his salary to support the lower-income employees at the club.


Premier League may be postponed for a longer time

In the middle of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the information that continued to postpone the two top English leagues, the Premier League and the FA Cup, still made fans more sorrowful.

In an effort to finish the FA Cup season fully, the English Football Association (FA) is ready to postpone the rounds. The oldest tournament in the history of contemporary football began in the 1871-72 season and after the Second World War, the FA Cup took place very steadily and had never been unfinished for any reason.

Man City waits for the second trophy of the season

The Covid-19 pandemic caused more than 500,000 cases of infection along with more than 23,000 deaths worldwide. Therefore, most European countries now blockade the country to prevent the spread of infection is the exception. This situation caused many activities to gather in many people, including football, which was seriously affected and many clubs that intended to train players to return to had to cancel their plans.

Liverpool are still anxious to receive the first Premier League title

The Daily Mail reported that the FA, the Organizing Committee for the Premier League, the Organizing Committee for the First Division and the Association of English Professional Players (PFA) will meet next week around a new timeline. to get the football tournaments back to work. The comprehensive crisis caused by Covid-19 made the latest 30-4 timeline gradually becoming impossible.

Man United and Tottenham are competing for European Cup next season

The fact that all sides pledged to make the Premier League fully complete was the first victory for the football of the foggy country. Liverpool are eagerly awaiting the day of winning the first championship in nearly 30 years, while the First Division Leeds United and West Brom begin to hope to return to the Premier League stage.

Only thing, when the Premier League has to delay the day back, the consequences are not small when the next season is difficult to take place on time and will certainly end late, affecting the progress of the Euro 2016 finals that had to be moved. again one year.


Many Premier League clubs supports cancelling the results

The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is complicated in England, causing many Premier League teams to rethink the future of the 2019/20 season.

During a meeting not so long ago, the Premier League clubs agreed on a plan to postpone the season and continue playing at an appropriate time.

However, according to Theathletic, the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is gradually changing the views of the leading English teams. As of March 27, the fog country had more than 11,000 sick people and 578 of them did not survive.

The teams are concerned about the prospect of having to play when the disease has not been controlled. The plan to organize matches in the audience is also considered but there are still many shortcomings. Not to mention many players who left the UK when the tournament was postponed and could become a source of infection for colleagues.

If 14 out of 20 teams simultaneously vote to cancel the season result, the Premier League will be forced to change its decision.

A number of non-professional clubs have so far submitted applications to cancel Nations League results. The tournament for amateur players in the UK this year will likely not have the champions, teams promoted, relegated as usual.

This is unhappy information for teachers and coach Juergen Klopp when they are only 20/20 away from the Premier League championship by 2 wins.

The current season of Premier League can be cancelled

An unnamed senior manager in the Premier League believes the current season will not end, according to The Athletic.

When the newspaper first stopped Premier League, the organizers announced that they would try to kick off the final rounds. During last week’s meeting, all 20 teams agreed that the season will not be canceled. But as Covid-19 became more and more widespread in England, many teams wanted to end the season. Semi-professional tournaments and movements in the UK all decide to end the season.

According to The Athletic journalist David Ornstein, any Premier League decision needs at least 14 of the 20 teams to agree. The UK is the country with the 8th highest number of nCoV infections in the world. Many celebrities have been infected, including Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.