English football in the last decade – MU falls back and the rise of Liverpool

In the 2010-2019 decade, Man United was the champion at the beginning of the period and the neighbor Man City ended the period with his dominance.

They are the club with the most championships in English football and have won the most total points. Let us look back at the era of the Premier League over the past 10 years.

Man City rose to dominate English football

Man City entered the period 2010-2019 with the latest England top title in 1968. 11 said the last major title they had was in 1970. But when the team took over By the Abu Dhabi United Group of 2008, things have changed.

Man City rose to dominate English football

The dominance of this team is also reflected in the Premier League’s overall rankings. This is the only team that earns more than 2 points per match and has a 65.87% win rate.

Besides, the goal difference that Green Man has is +500, they score up to 838 goals. This achievement follows the football link much more than the second-ranked competitor Chelsea with 127 goals.

The Blues is also the club behind Man City with 3 Premier League titles, 1 League Cup, and 3 FA Cups. Left, Man United won two English football championships before being set back by retired Sir Alex Ferguson.

Spectacular change in rankings

The difference between the big six compared to the rest is reflected in the average score per match earned, the difference of goals and defeat completely superior. Directly in Premier League football today, only 1 club can be crowned, 4 places for the Cup C1, and 2 places for Cup C2 belong to this group.

Not only has an impressive record on the pitch, but the Big six also holds considerable strength and financial influence. Therefore, they think that they should enjoy a greater turnover than their global stature.

Pep Guardiola is known as the number 1 talented coach today

Helping Man City become the most successful club in the past decade has been a great success for Pep. The Spanish strategist has earned himself 20 major titles in his career. In which, there are 5 cups in England.

In the list of the best coaches of the past decade, Juergen Klopp is fourth, but his ability will quickly rise higher. Currently, the German coach is only 0.002 points behind Antonio Conte per game.


Interesting things about English football on Boxing Day

While most of the other top European national leagues have entered the winter break, players in the Premier League still have to play normally to serve the fans in Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is a traditional holiday in the United Kingdom, held on October 26 every year. This is a holiday that dates back to the Middle Ages. Here, rich families will prepare gifts in the box to give to the poor after Christmas.

In the UK, Boxing Day is the second most important holiday after Christmas. On this day, almost all entertainment activities on British television will stop to make room for the “heat” on the pitch in the Premier League. Over time, the football matches in the Gifting Day have gradually become a familiar tradition in the culture of “the land of fog”.

Here are the interesting things of English football on Boxing Day.

History of football culture on Boxing Day

For British football fans, watching Boxing Day football is not only for entertainment but also reminds them of deep historical values.

At Christmas 1914, when World War I was taking place during a fierce period, a truce was signed between British and German soldiers to participate in football matches. This event was later known by many people as “Christmas Eve”.

The football match between British and German soldiers has become part of the history of football culture on Boxing Day in England

At the event, the soldiers who are rivals of each other on the battlefield have abandoned the gun to participate in a friendly football match. Together, they overcome the barrier of hatred to play shoulder to shoulder on the field in the rare spaces of the trenches.

The matches of the soldiers on both sides took place in a very gentle atmosphere by the simple joy of the ball. All hostility between them seems to have been set aside to make way for a noble sportsmanship.

“Specialty” of English football

While other national championships in Europe have officially entered the winter break, the Premier League is normal. Even this is the most harsh time of the season with a very dense schedule of up to 2-3 days per 1 match.

With a “heavy” competition density, the players also often face injuries due to overload. This has also received a lot of opposition, even criticism from coaches and experts. But despite the mixed opinions, Boxing Day football in the UK is still a “specialty” to serve audiences across five continents on holidays.


Many Premier League clubs supports cancelling the results

The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is complicated in England, causing many Premier League teams to rethink the future of the 2019/20 season.

During a meeting not so long ago, the Premier League clubs agreed on a plan to postpone the season and continue playing at an appropriate time.

However, according to Theathletic, the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is gradually changing the views of the leading English teams. As of March 27, the fog country had more than 11,000 sick people and 578 of them did not survive.

The teams are concerned about the prospect of having to play when the disease has not been controlled. The plan to organize matches in the audience is also considered but there are still many shortcomings. Not to mention many players who left the UK when the tournament was postponed and could become a source of infection for colleagues.

If 14 out of 20 teams simultaneously vote to cancel the season result, the Premier League will be forced to change its decision.

A number of non-professional clubs have so far submitted applications to cancel Nations League results. The tournament for amateur players in the UK this year will likely not have the champions, teams promoted, relegated as usual.

This is unhappy information for teachers and coach Juergen Klopp when they are only 20/20 away from the Premier League championship by 2 wins.

The current season of Premier League can be cancelled

An unnamed senior manager in the Premier League believes the current season will not end, according to The Athletic.

When the newspaper first stopped Premier League, the organizers announced that they would try to kick off the final rounds. During last week’s meeting, all 20 teams agreed that the season will not be canceled. But as Covid-19 became more and more widespread in England, many teams wanted to end the season. Semi-professional tournaments and movements in the UK all decide to end the season.

According to The Athletic journalist David Ornstein, any Premier League decision needs at least 14 of the 20 teams to agree. The UK is the country with the 8th highest number of nCoV infections in the world. Many celebrities have been infected, including Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


England football and the great ambition at Euro 2020

The England team is having an impressive Euro 2020 qualifying campaign and shows their ambition to spread in the summer to next year.

Gareth Southgate’s army registered their name on the train to Euro 2020 early. The Three Lions will certainly end the qualifying campaign with the top of Group A. With what has shown, England fans have the right to expect something special next summer.

Wembley advantage

England will start Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium on July 14, 2020. If able to go to the final match, the Three Lions will be playing at home 5 out of 7 matches. Although the FA has tried to reduce the fact that their team benefits from home advantage, head coach Gareth Southgate emphasizes the benefits of this.

It is clear that the advantage played at Wembley will greatly help England, especially with the nature of the knockout matches. This is considered to be the greatest advantage of the Three Lions at Euro 2020.

Destructive attack power

England have scored 33 goals in just 7 matches in the qualifying campaign, more than any other team. Although the opponents in Group A are relatively weak, but can not therefore deny the attack of the Three Lions.

The England head coach makes perfect sense to say so. Croatia could be considered the first major opponent they met at the 2018 World Cup. And the match ended with a defeat for the Three Lions. They also lost 2 times to Belgium in procedural matches. Things are not allowed to recur at Euro 2020 if the British want to make things happen.

The most satisfactory map

Gareth Southgate has been trying to build a 4-3-3 scheme for England since after the World Cup and it is showing effectiveness. The 49-year-old strategist has shared his decision.

Harry Kane is undoubtedly the number one choice for spearhead striker position if he is healthy. Tammy Abraham will be a backup plan. Not to mention Callum Wilson can step in the race if he continues to maintain high form.

Youth and experience

Half of England’s squad for Euro 2020 will be under the age of 22. Although holding a youthful squad like Southgate still emphasizes the importance of the two oldest players in the team including Jordan Henderson and Fabian Delph, both 29 years old. A gameplay that has been shaped over time and has passed fire tests. Youth combined with experience. And besides those excellent individuals who can make a difference with an instant.