Learn about the history of boxing – the favorite sport in the UK

Boxing is a favorite sport in the UK. In this article, we will learn about the history of this popular sport.

The country of Greece developed quite strongly in boxing competitions, even allowing opponents to bring more leather or iron straps to their hands to defeat the opponent faster because the competition rules at that time were to fight when there is someone who can no longer play!

The origin of boxing

By 746 BC, after Rome destroyed Greece, boxing also spread to Rome with the enthusiastic response of the youth. However, as the development of boxing went into more and more ruthlessness, in 404 BC, Roman emperor Theodosius I ordered a complete ban on boxing.

Boxing became a favorite activity of the middle and upper class in England

Until the 16th century, ancient Greek-Roman boxing became a favorite activity of the middle and upper class in England during the renaissance movement. James became the master of boxing in England after defeating all the other big players and was the first to open a school to teach boxing.

Then, a successive generation British champion Jack Broughton went further with opening a boxing school, inventing gloves to reduce competition accidents, establishing a rule of boxing. more sports.

By 1865 an English marquess, Queens Beery Vlll, changed the boxing rule to more amateurs rules such as play only three innings, three minutes each, instead of sixteen rounds like the Broughton rule.

Later, the Broughton rule became the professional boxing rule and the Berry rule became the amateur boxing rule. In 1904, the Third Olympics officially placed boxing in the official competitions.

Boxing nowadays

Besides horse racing, boxing is a favorite traditional sport in the UK nowadays. Boxing today develops not only in the UK but also around the world. The sport is now famous for its hand-only technique with three main blows including straight punch, hook up a hook and hook up, plus two-leg movement technique combined with body avoidance, head…

In addition, boxing rules only allow hitting the area in front of the face and from above the waist up, forcing the boxing practitioner to practice harder to win in the competition as well as in defense.

Boxing today develops around the world

Boxing, because it only uses three attacks, which are three attacks, so the practitioner is trained to let the hands hit fast and hard on weak points in the body that allows hitting, in parallel with the blocking technique, dodge, penetrate firmly and fast as lightning, all will make the opponent panic, unable to catch up and just hit the target with just one hit to defeat the opponent!

The years entered the second world war when boxing started to develop more widely and began to have championships.


Football is the most popular sports in the UK nowadays

Europe is one of the cradles of world culture, the birthplace of many sports activities that are very popular today. The following article would like to take a look at some of the sports most popular with the people here.


Football is one of the popular sports in Europe in general and in the UK in particular. Each soccer match has 2 teams, each team consists of 11 players.

There are more than 150 million European football fans. The ball used in the match was made with 32 pieces, each piece representing a country in Europe. As a young man, Queen Elizabeth II once disguised to participate in a football match near Buckingham Palace.

There are many world famous football players are from Europe like David Beckham. David Beckham is one of the richest football players in the world. His income from football matches amounted to more than US $ 50 million. Besides, many world famous teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid are from Europe.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the UK. This world famous game captured the English in the 16th century, and was played by two teams of 11 members each. Professional cricket matches include Single-day matches as well as 5-day Fight matches.

There are over 120 million professional cricket players worldwide. European Cricket Council is responsible for overseeing matches in European countries.

The only well-trained European team is the England team. The remaining teams such as Scotland, Turkey and the Netherlands are still trying to reach the standards of international matches. Despite being a vanguard, to this day, England has yet to win the World Cricket Championship. However, the UK has organized the tournament 4 times.

Andrew Flintoff, a member of the British cricket team, is considered one of the most comprehensive players in the world. The only team that has ever made it to the World Cricket finals is England with 3 runner-ups. There are over 12 million cricket fans across Europe.