Liverpool’s goal set a record for the number of passes

When Liverpool scored their second goal against Leicester thanks to Diogo Jota, they set a record for the number of combined passes.

Diogo Jota’s header was certainly not a super product, but Liverpool’s brilliant form was shown before the end of the first half. Statistics show that this goal is scored after a series of 30 consecutive passes. This is the number that led to a Liverpool Premier League goal since Opta started making statistics.

Jota scored in his first 4 home matches

The ball is passed by Liverpool players in the midfield area. When the fans started “impatient,” then a pass to swing the ball to the foot of Robertson. A great cross to help Jota hit the head and beat goalkeeper Schmeichel.With this strike, Jota became the first Liverpool player in Premier League history to score in the first four home matches.

Liverpool made 30 passes to score

So far, the Portuguese striker has scored more at home in the Premier League (4) than MU (3) this season despite playing 292 minutes less. After Jota doubled the gap, Firmino fixed a 3-0 victory for Liverpool to catch up with the top team Tottenham.

Liverpool made 30 passes to score

Liverpool beat Leicester with Roberto Firmino’s set goal after seeing the striker have crazy misses. What Liverpool caught the most attention of fans in their 3-0 win over Leicester was Roberto Firmino.

Firmino’s decline in the past 12 months has made him more haunted as what happened in the second half of this match with 2 times the ball hit the wooden frame and another time missed the post.

First, from the cross of his teammates, despite not having much pressure from Leicester defender, Firmino confusing the ball to the crossbar when scoring could not be easier. The crazy thing has not stopped because Firmino, after doing everything right, continues to see the ball cannot go into the net. He hit the post and on the kickback was destroyed by the opponent on the line.

Goal-line technology denied Firmino’s goal

It is even more bitter when Goal-line technology has denied this goal because the ball has not completely crossed the inner line.

But in the end, Firmino ended the curse by raising the score 3-0 with a brilliant header. It was calculated that he needed the 6th shot in the match to score a goal, just less than the match against MU (9) in December 2019.

Firmino finally scored

Winning helps Liverpool catch up with the score (20) with the top team Tottenham after 9 Premier League rounds.