English football in the last decade – MU falls back and the rise of Liverpool

In the 2010-2019 decade, Man United was the champion at the beginning of the period and the neighbor Man City ended the period with his dominance.

They are the club with the most championships in English football and have won the most total points. Let us look back at the era of the Premier League over the past 10 years.

Man City rose to dominate English football

Man City entered the period 2010-2019 with the latest England top title in 1968. 11 said the last major title they had was in 1970. But when the team took over By the Abu Dhabi United Group of 2008, things have changed.

Man City rose to dominate English football

The dominance of this team is also reflected in the Premier League’s overall rankings. This is the only team that earns more than 2 points per match and has a 65.87% win rate.

Besides, the goal difference that Green Man has is +500, they score up to 838 goals. This achievement follows the football link much more than the second-ranked competitor Chelsea with 127 goals.

The Blues is also the club behind Man City with 3 Premier League titles, 1 League Cup, and 3 FA Cups. Left, Man United won two English football championships before being set back by retired Sir Alex Ferguson.

Spectacular change in rankings

The difference between the big six compared to the rest is reflected in the average score per match earned, the difference of goals and defeat completely superior. Directly in Premier League football today, only 1 club can be crowned, 4 places for the Cup C1, and 2 places for Cup C2 belong to this group.

Not only has an impressive record on the pitch, but the Big six also holds considerable strength and financial influence. Therefore, they think that they should enjoy a greater turnover than their global stature.

Pep Guardiola is known as the number 1 talented coach today

Helping Man City become the most successful club in the past decade has been a great success for Pep. The Spanish strategist has earned himself 20 major titles in his career. In which, there are 5 cups in England.

In the list of the best coaches of the past decade, Juergen Klopp is fourth, but his ability will quickly rise higher. Currently, the German coach is only 0.002 points behind Antonio Conte per game.