Man City vs. Liverpool: The battle of honor in the Premier League

Not having a chance to stop Liverpool from winning the Premier League, but Man City still won. This was to keep the style and spirit for the FA Cup and Champions League.

12 years as a professional coach, Pep Guardiola has never once stood in line to welcome the new champions. In part, because he won so much: 8 in 10 seasons ago. The other reason, the two clubs that have surpassed Guardiola-led teams, Real Madrid in 2011-2012 and Chelsea in 2016-2017, have to wait until the end of the 36th round to take the throne.

Liverpool and Man City are the two strongest clubs in England at the moment

Welcome Liverpool tonight brings Guardiola a strange feeling. The same period last season, his students often tape to the finish line and set records. Then this year, Guardiola will lead the team to welcome the new Premier League king.

There is a remarkable detail, the queue to welcome the champion team is not a required ritual. Two years ago, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane was criticized for refusing to wait in line for Barca, then crowned La Liga.

In response, Barca also refused to welcome the world’s number one club in the El Clasico match. This was after Real won the FIFA Club World Cup. Barca said they did not attend this tournament.

The image of City lining up to welcome Liverpool, if it happens tonight, makes many people reminiscent of Man Utd and Chelsea 15 years ago. Meanwhile, “The Blues” in the first season was led by Jose Mourinho winning as splitting bamboos and became the first team after Blackburn Rovers 1994-1995 season, breaking the dominance of “Reds” and Arsenal. The first match after taking the throne, the owner of Stamford Bridge was a guest at Old Trafford and convincing Man Utd 3-1.

However, only two years later, Alex Ferguson’s teachers and students destroyed the unique position of Chelsea. Destiny once again brought the two teams to meet in the 37th round, and the “Hair Dryer” did not forget to prank opponents by lining up many substitutes such as Dong Fangzhou, Chris Eagles, Kieran Lee, Tomasz Kuszczak to browse the team. It includes all Chelsea players such as John Terry, Claude Makelele and Michael Essien.

In terms of the confrontation record in the English Premier League, Man City has the right to confidently win Liverpool in the last two home games. In the last 10 matches at Etihad, the Manchester team also dominated with six wins, three draws and only one loss.