The most famous tennis tournaments in the world nowadays (Part 2)

Australian Open

The tournament was first held in 1905 and was played at Melbourne’s Albert Cricket Ground in Melbourne. It is called the Australian Championship. In 1927, the tournament was called the Australian Championship and then the Australian Open Championship since 1969.

It is currently being held in Melbourne, where it was moved from Kooyong in 1988. The tournament has been held in many venues since 1905, namely Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Christchurch, and Hastings.

Due to the geographical remoteness, very few people attended the tournament when it was started. A train from the UK will take 45 days, making travel very cumbersome. Hence very few champions in the past have played the tournament.

It was only in 1946 when the first players to travel by air arrived to take part in the Davis Cup (An international tennis tournament for male players to compete in the national team run by the Tennis Federation. international rackets held every year).

The tournament is currently held at Melbourne Park and has a very good record, second only to the US Open. But geographically segregated, it was the least viewed tournament on television because of the huge timing difference.

There have been proposals to change Australia’s opening venue, but tournament managers in Melbourne have invested nearly $ 350 million to renovate and expand Melbourne Park, so the contract to host the tournament is pulled. long until 2026.

The Australian Open tennis tournament is hard

It was played on grass until 1988, after which they switched to a surface called Rebound Ace (A padded hardcourt tennis consisting of polyurethane rubber, fiberglass, and other materials on a plastic or concrete substrate.

In 2008, they turned to a surface called Plexicushion Prestige. The surface is somewhat similar to the hardcourt surface of the US Open.

Roland Garros

The tournament was first held in 1891 on a national scale. However, it is only open to members of the French tennis club. The tournament was open to French professionals only until 1924. In 1925, they began to accept amateurs from all over the world.

No tournaments were held in 1924. The French Open became the first tournament to be opened, it was accepted with the participation of amateurs and experts alike. This is in 1968.

The tournament is famous because it is played on clay, as it has been played for the past 80 years, thus keeping with traditions like the Wimbledon Championship. Clay provides a platform for healthy competition and a welcome shift for players with predominantly defensive games.