Arsenal headed the Premier League for salary cut due to COVID-19

Arsenal announced a pay cut but Mesut Ozil unexpectedly refused to join.

The Arsenal club has officially announced on the homepage that the team has reached an agreement with the players and coaching staff about the plan to reduce wages during the Covid-19 pandemic season. Accordingly, the members of the first team will be cut 12.5% ​​of income per week, this amount will offset the salary paid to the staff working for the club.

Arsenal announced a cut of 12.5% ​​in player and coaching wages

Arsenal thus became the first club in the Premier League to cut wages. Southampton and West Ham are the first two clubs to postpone wages to players and coaches rather than cut wages, meaning members of the two teams will be paid at another time. Newcastle United and Norwich, meanwhile, have used government grants to secure employee income.

Despite the pay cut, Arsenal also announced they would pay back the money the players and coaches agreed to cut at an unspecified time. The condition is that the team earns the results set out this season and the next season (for the European Cup), and if a player is sold before that time, the club will also pay the cut.

It is worth noting that Mesut Ozil has rejected the pay cut, he and two other Arsenal players are said to have not participated in the negotiation. Ozil currently earns £ 350,000 a week at the Emirates Stadium.

Ozil refused to cut 12.5% ​​of his salary

Ozil refused to cut 12.5% ​​of his salary but was willing to make a bigger deduction to help the club

According to Sami Korbel of the Daily Mail, Ozil is in fact willing to deduct an amount greater than 12.5% ​​from his salary to support the salaries of Arsenal employees. Besides, he has also been financially supporting organizations to fight against epidemics.

Not only Arsenal, Chelsea are also talking about salary reduction. Chelsea players are discussing a 10% pay cut while coach Frank Lampard is willing to deduct 25% of his salary to support the lower-income employees at the club.