The most famous tennis tournaments in the world nowadays (Part 1)

Tennis has now become a highly competitive world-class sport attracting thousands of players and fans from all over the world.

There is a constant agenda of events and tournaments going on throughout the year. Top tennis stars have become the game icons for the new generation. Tennis is the game that used to be a pastime of royalties has become a widespread sport.

In the article below, let’s learn about the most famous tennis tournaments in the world nowadays!

The US Open

The US Open is considered the richest tournament in the world, with the largest prize money. The idea of ​​creating the American Tennis Championship unfolded when the American Tennis Association, founded in May 1881, was asked to carry out the national championship.

The US Open is considered the richest tournament in the world

The introductory competition, which took place in Newport Island, Rhode Island, had 26 players, and it was called the United States National Championship. To be eligible to play in the competition, a player must be a member of the National Grass Tennis Association of America. Richard Sears was the first winner of the championship, and he went on to be the reigning winner for the next six years.

Since the championship started moving across the country, with 9 event venues, it led to the men’s doubles event, divided into a West and East competition. W.F. Taylor and Clarence Clark won their first doubles title in 1900.

The establishment of the open era

The establishment of the open era in 1968. It meant that players could participate in all competitions. This led to the creation of a modern championship that we are familiar with today. Five different tournaments have been combined into a single US Open. It was held in New York, at the Forest Hills, Queens Tennis Club.

Five different tournaments have been combined into a single US Open

The bounty amount was $ 100,000, shared by 63 women and 96 men participating in the event. Additional gameplay system at the end of the game when two teams with the same score were first introduced by the US Open, in 1970. The tournament was moved to its current pitch, the US National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York, in 1978.


The history and development of tennis – the favorite sport in the UK (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered where tennis came from and who was the first player? You want to know how this tennis has evolved through its stages. Here is all knowledge about tennis that is loved by millions of people around the world.

1. The origin of the famous tennis game

Ancient origin

If you learn about tennis, you will discover that ball games have been played since ancient times with the first depictions that can be found on the Egyptian temple inscriptions. from 1500 BC. It is said that the ball game formed part of the religious rites of the ancient Egyptians.

They were Christian monks, influenced by the Moors’ religious customs, who would be the first Europeans to play the raw form of tennis. In the first version of this game, called “La Soule”, the players hit the ball against each other either with bare hands or using a club. The game became popular in monasteries across Europe, to the point where the Church even planned to ban the game.

The development history of tennis

This was the first form of the game, in which the ball was usually hit against the walls of a courtyard, soon starting to be played outside the monasteries, with it further developing in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Soon, they discovered that they could control the ball better with just their hands, which soon led to the creation of a leather glove. It was not long before the glove started being attached to a wooden handle, thus creating the first tennis racket.

The balls undergo some screening, which changes from solid wood to bran stuffed into the skin. The game quickly became very popular, especially in France, where it was brought up by royalty.

The development of tennis

Tennis is different from the games played today. Players earn points the way they play the ball off the room walls. Another way in which polish differs from today’s game is a system of chases used.

In the game tennis nowadays, the ball is considered dead if it is bounced twice. However, in ancient Tennis, the point where the ball would bounce the second time would be marked with a marker, called the chase. Hence, a player who scores fewer points can win the game using more chasing skills.