The base that keeps the racing sport in the world grounded

Previously, engineers could download what a car had to say to them only when it was pockmarked; Nowadays, more and more advanced wireless technology allows them to get a gigabyte of data from a car on the track in five seconds.

It is then capable of processing to digest 350 terabytes of data each year, provided for applications used, for example, by Daimler’s research and development engineers working on road cars of Mercedes in Germany.

In addition, there are production technologies, including automation, that can be replicated from the professional needs of racing production for use in other industries. Dropping into a road car may not always be clear, but it is more durable than ever – and the transfer of technology is far beyond the automotive world.

Cutting-edge technology activities in racing sport

It is no coincidence that well-established F1 teams such as McLaren and Williams have diversified with cutting-edge technology activities that are increasingly playing a leadership role in their general businesses.

The continued belief, longevity, and relative simplicity of the good old internal combustion engine mean that amateur sport is still very much in store.

It is like a lot of different, different things, Chambers said. People look back on scenes tinted with roses up to 50 years ago, but the truth is that people are still spending a considerable amount of money, even on the racing club.

There is no question about having certain costs associated with improved safety, but few would argue that Donkey is a bad thing. It is extremely safer than before, with a factor of about 100 to one. If you choose racing subjects now, you can still compete in the same way you did 20, 30, 40 years ago. There are many interesting things you can do with an old car if you choose wisely.

The pandemic will leave a lasting and painful mark on the British racing sport. But the deep roots of the industry, and the resilience of individuals and companies born from wartime adversity, will bode well for recovery once a new normal form is established. That Dunkirk Spirit really is not a cliché.