The way Man City rose to be the global football empire (Part 4)

It is understandable that part of Mancini’s salary is paid by Al Jariza, and the name “adviser” is just an excuse. Salaries went to Mancini from Man City, to Al Jariza, then to Sparkleglow Holdings – an offshore company in Mauritius.

Offshore companies are usually set up in countries that are considered tax havens, like Mauritius. It can carry out tax-free financial transactions. This is how Man City paid Mancini wages, at least in 2011. Without the law-bypassing scheme, vague payments and suspicious money injection, Man City has not been as successful as it is now.

From a little-known football team, Man City became a global brand, under the name City Football Group (CFG). When we drink a cup of Starbucks, whether in Seattle or Singapore, we have to pay exorbitant prices. So are the soccer branches of Man City.

Man City, New York City or Melbourne City all have the same logo, shirt color and sponsors. It was Etihad Airlines. In addition, Man City also owns shares in teams of Uruguay, Spain and Japan. They signed a cooperation agreement with clubs in the Scandinavian peninsula, and opened a football academy in Africa.

The investment in Girona Club in Spain has the same model. “Young City players need to rub in a highly qualified tournament. Girona will create opportunities for them”, the internal Man City document said. Due to the quality of City’s first team, young players are sent to branch teams to develop. The global football system makes it easy for Man City coaches to filter out players good enough to lift Manchester.

Rarely has any team kept up with City and the “global empire”. For over 11 years, Mansour spent nearly three billion dollars on Man City. Last season, their net profit reached more than 10 million pounds. This profit is not really attractive compared to the investment of billions of dollars.

Not to mention Mansour is always willing to pay for the expensive players. But, Man City is still on the rise. In 2008, Mansour bought Man City for £ 100 million.